by Lucas Ihlein

There were two errors in the article “‘Society has changed’ – Gender representation and Kaldor Public Art Projects” in Edition 1 of EXTRA! EXTRA!

There was a production error in our listing of Asad Raza. While Mr Raza is the named artist, the project involved the following collaborators, including four male and five female artists: Daniel Boyd, Chun Yin Rainbow Chan, Megan Alice Clune, Dean Cross, Brian Fuata, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Khaled Sabsabi and Ivey Wawn. In addition, Wawn presented a choreographic collaboration with Ivan Cheng, Daniel Jenatsch, Julie Lee, Eugene Choi and Taree Sansbury.

The article quoted Jo Holder saying that the only time women appear was when they were naked on their knees. Holder remembered this as a reference to Vanessa Beecroft’s project, but in fact it was Xavier Le Roy’s Temporary Title, 2015, presented at Carriageworks in Sydney. Some of the women in the Beecroft work wore tights, although not all.

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