About the project

From 9 November to 15 December, Lucas Ihlein and the Rizzeria Collective take over the Kaldor Studio at the Art Gallery of NSW with EXTRA!EXTRA! – a weekly newspaper which responds critically and playfully to Making Art Public

Each week, editor-in-chief Lucas Ihlein and special correspondent Ian Milliss will be joined by special guest writers and artists, who will work with the Rizzeria team to print the newspaper in situ. 

Visitors to the Kaldor Studio are invited to write letters to the editor – and a selection of letters will be featured in the following week’s edition of EXTRA!EXTRA!

Throughout the run of EXTRA!EXTRA! in the Kaldor Studio, you can also participate in a range of fun workshops and have a go at making a risographic print yourself!

The views expressed in the pages of EXTRA! EXTRA! are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or official policies of the editors, Kaldor Public Art Projects or the Art Gallery of New South Wales. 

We welcome responses to our articles, which can be submitted by writing posting a physical Letter to the Editor in the gallery space, or online at extra-extra.press

Lucas Ihlein is an Australian artist whose work explores the relationship between socially engaged art, agriculture and environmental stewardship. He is a founding member of artists’ collectives SquatSpace, Big Fag Press, Teaching and Learning Cinema (TLC) and Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation (KSCA), and The Rizzeria printing collective.

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The Rizzeria is a printing co-operative managed by artists, illustrators and self-publishers. In various forms, since 2009, the collective has owned and operated a Risograph printer and made it available for public use through workshops and open print sessions. Our aim is to challenge and develop the aesthetic possibilities of stencil press printing and make it available as a creative resource. Riso printing is a combination of the processes of screen printing and photocopying, using rich soy inks and translucent stencils to create vibrant and uniquely tactile prints. It is best suited for small-to-medium print runs, and is often used for zines, posters and limited edition artists’ prints. Riso printing is affordable and has little impact on our environment. The Rizzeria studio is currently located at the Joynton Avenue Creative Centre.

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Come visit our weekly newspaper that responds critically and playfully to Making Art Public.

Daily during Gallery opening hours 9 November – 15 December 2019