On Land Art and Acknowledging Country

by Juundaal Strang Yettica

Juundaal Strang Yettica: “I don’t know much about much but the learning keeps me alive!”

As is Custom and before anything, I want to Acknowledge this Land we meet upon, the Eora Nation and the Gadigal people. I also give my respect to my Ancestors, to my Elders, past, present and emerging. My love and respect also goes to my Family, Mentors and Friends.

It’s lovely to meet you! My name is Juundaal and I am a Bundjalung-Kanakan woman who lives on the Land of the Wodi Wodi people, part of the Dharawal people and the Yuin Nation, known as Wollongong. I’m a mature-aged, creative arts student who hopes we, yes, you & I… will go on a walk together, of conversation and ideas about art made on the land…

In upcoming issues of EXTRA! EXTRA!, we’ll explore what land-art means to you and to different Indigenous artists, living or working in the city and its significance within culture to them. 

Along our walk, we’ll dive into what we think land art is and how it fits within society. We’ll look at some examples from within the Making Art Public exhibition here at the gallery and see where it takes us! 

So let’s get going and ask the questions… What does land-art mean to you? Do you think it’s important for society? 

I look forward to walking through this little journey with all of you!

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